Paskatīties uz zemūdens pasauli fotogrāfijas kvalitātē, tagad ir iespējams izmantojot jauno tehnoloģiju ultraskaņas eholoti RAYMARINE Dragonfly.


Experience Visionality™ with Dragonfly and Dragonfly7 Sonar GPS

 Raymarine's award winning CHIRP DownVision technology gives anglers underwater vision so close to reality, we call it Visionality! Experience Visionality and view the world beneath your boat on the Raymarine Dragonfly and the new Raymarine Dragonfly7!

Dual Channel CHIRP 

 Dragonfly includes two discrete CHIRP sonar channels. The first is an ultra-high resolution DownVision channel and the second is a high-resolution fish targeting sonar channel. View each sonar channel independently or switch to dual sonar split screen mode for the ultimate underwater intelligence.

Dragonfly and Dragonfly7 Transducers - Transom mount, trolling motor and through-hull

Dragonfly utilises dual-channel CHIRP transducers. DownVision produces a 60° side-to-side and 1.4° fore to aft beam. The second element provides a conical shaped beam for imaging fish targets, ensuring you will never miss any of the action below your boat.

Raymarine is one of the leading manufacturers in the world who specializes in marine, powerboat, sailboat and yacht navigation equipment manufacturing. History of the company associated with the production of electronic navigation England's military forces, so the boat technologies are used in very high quality materials, as well as military projects of knowledge that makes the product unique.
Now it's the momets when the scale manufacturer has pondered well as anglers and has come out with yet unseen product that certainly dictated the further development of this industry.