Raymarine electronics

RAYMARINE electronics has reliable quality, because it is designed by the best professionals.

RAYMARINE offer automatic pilots which can be configured for the user's needs and dedication. Autopilot control accuracy allows fuel savings, time and can be installed from the rubber boats, sailing boats as well as cruisers and others.

RAYMARINE offers VHF Marine Radio Station for use on water for safety, accident reporting and information acquisition and transfer. All models are equipped with digital selective calling (DSC) ensuring additional security feature. Each station is equipped with a button "Distress" which, in case of pressing will send an undesignated distress call to all ships and C.R.S within range including MMSI and position minimum. Each device is waterproof and dust proof.

RAYMARINE offer Automatic Identification System (AIS) receivers which fall into two classes, according to the user needs of A and B classes. Class complying with SOLAS standards are not necessary for installation on recreational/pleasure craft. Class B is used on most pleasure crafts. AIS is a great way to find out how many boats are in vicinity giving the MMSI, distance, course, bearing and speed.

RAYMARINE offer Radars who see through fog and increase viewing distances during night time improving navigational safety and early warning. There are 2 types of radar. Open rotary radar is better, because it is not constrained by dome, therefore the signal is stronger and able to identify objects in greater distance. Closed-type radar is less exposed to sea spray and weather conditions as well as the rotary mechanism is hidden under the dome.

RAYMARINE offer Thermal cameras, who allow to find M.O.B due to their infra-red camera integrity. Thermal cameras are very useful when it is important to see objects in the dark, including those which are not desirable for the vessel therefore improving safety to navigation.