Handheld Thermal Cameras

Powerful, flexible, and built to last, Raymarine's premium line of maritime thermal night vision cameras. Available with a variety of sensors and resolutions to meet a wide range of maritime navigation, collision avoidance, security, and search and rescue needs, Raymarine thermal night vision cameras are easy to install, integrate, and operate.

  • Rugged, fully marinized construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Window de-ice heaters for clear vision even in ice and snow
  • Proprietary, patent-pending image enhancement algorithms; Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) to bring out faint image details that you might otherwise miss
  • Standard NTSC video outputs that can be viewed on any monitor with an auxiliary video input
  • Mounting options; Installer can mount in either camera up or camera down orientation
  • Pre-set gain adjustments for optimal image quality in various conditions
  • On screen icons show what the camera's doing and where it's pointing
  • Standard and high-resolution thermal night vision camera options